I’m Loubna of Unna Media and I make online promo videos and documentary-style films. I love what I do and I think that makes a big difference to my clients’ experience, and the result. As I work on my own, or with a small team this also makes a big difference to my clients’ pocket.

Based in Bournemouth, I work across the South West and South East of England, in London, and also internationally.

I cover the whole video production process from sitting down with you to come up with a powerful idea, to storyboarding, filming, directing, interviewing, sound recording, lighting, editing, and sound mixing….phew…yes I do all of that.

Since first training at the BBC, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic businesses, arts organisations, community groups, local councils, charities and individuals (from martial artists to musicians, to young people with special needs).

I have journalism experience as well, and I studied Audio Production for three years, so I also offer interviewing and sound recording for things like oral history projects, and radio packages, and sound recording for voiceovers, podcasts, voice reels etc. I have also been known to do portrait photography and have a portable studio that I use!

Please do check out my showreel, portfolio, testimonials and client list, and do get in touch if you have any questions. Please contact me for passwords if you'd like to view the Wedding and/or Martial Arts videos.



  • Loubna is a pleasure to work with.  She’s cool, calm and collected and remains professional at all times.  She deserves a medal for putting up with my very particular way of wanting things done and yet produced results that were better than I had hoped for.  Really impressed with her work and can’t wait to work on the next videos together.”

    Wasim Khamlichi, CEO – AIRBIT.COM
  • Loubna joined us on the ‘Like Sugar for Milk’ heritage project as an interviewer and sound recording trainer.  She was a dedicated, aware and sensitive to issues around communities and cultural identity. She also has strong technical knowledge and practical experience of oral history capture.”

    Philippa Vafadari – BANDBAZI
  • Loubna is the definition of a self starter! As the lead Researcher on our documentary, her ability to be both creative and practical ensured we had a solid foundation to create a compelling film. Loubna’s professionalism set the tone for the whole team, providing warmth and compassion while still maintaining focus on the final production.”

    Bryan Savery
  • I worked alongside Loubna to create a short film which was successfully screened during the 2016 South Shorts Film Festival in Worthing.  I found her to be approachable and informed, patient and generous with her time, collaborative and flexible.  She demonstrated her experience on numerous occasions offering creative solutions to potential problems.  I look forward to working with Loubna in the future!”

    Mark Tew, Filmmaker – BUTTON PRESSED FILMS
  • Throughout the filming process I felt so comfortable and confident in front of the camera with Loubna, she is very professional but also laid back and fun to work with. After receiving the final version of my showreel I was so happy, it was exactly what I wanted!  I would highly recommend Loubna and will definitely work with her again.”

    Claire-Louise Rossi – Vocalist
  • It has been a pleasure working with Loubna.  She totally understood the brief, the end product was of high quality and delivered on time.  I am so pleased with the films she made for us.  She is highly skilled in her profession.”

    Sarah McLean – ENFIELD COUNCIL
  • I really enjoyed my session time with Loubna. She was easy to work with and professional and I was very happy with the end result. I would definitely use her services again in the future.”

    Gabriella Vidale, Actor and Voice Artist
  • Loubna is very conscientious about her work. She has sound digital media knowledge, effective communication at all levels, with the ability to pitch her delivery to the needs of those working with her.  Her professionalism is second to none. Her main strength lies in her diplomacy, and reliable decision making.”

    Vivian Smith – HEADLINERS
  • It has been a pleasure working with Loubna in the HLF project The Story of Shiva on behalf of Kalakunj, Reading. She has been full of enthusiasm, approachable, friendly and passionate about her work.”

    Ananya Chatterjee – KALAKUNJ
  • Loubna has the most important interviewing skill – the ability to listen with compassion and without judgement. She has an amazing ability to ask the right questions and have people open up to her.  Working with young refugees, Loubna had the task of creating a short film about their personal journeys. They took to her very quickly and the project was very successful.”

    Maryam Nnekema – SAVE THE CHILDREN
  • Loubna has a very professional and friendly approach and provided us with a very high quality video.  She kept us informed and consulted throughout the process.  Would thoroughly recommend.”